How to Turn Your iPad into a Virtual Whiteboard

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Would you like to use your iPad or Android tablet as a virtual whiteboard? Check out this free mobile app.

Lensoo Create turns your iPad or Android tablet into a virtual whiteboard with voice recording and smooth digital writing. Using Lensoo Create you can quickly share your ideas through email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn from virtually anywhere. Whether you are a teacher looking to instill knowledge, a student wishing to present your ideas or simply a person with an impressive skill to share, Lensoo Create is for you. – Lensoo Create

How to Turn Your iPad into a Virtual Whiteboard

Turn your iPad into a virtual whiteboard with Lensoo Create.

Lensoo Create has a simple function with many uses. It allows you to create videos using images, writing, and voice recordings. After the creation process, you can share these videos via email or social media. You and your students can use this free app to create video tutorials, digital stories, or artwork.

This would also be a great tool to use for creating online teacher professional development for just about any topic.

Browse the Lensoo Create website to see examples of what others are creating in science, math, art, and other subject areas.

Here are a couple of tips you can keep in mind when you're using your virtual whiteboard to create video tutorials:

  1. Keep your videos brief. Students, just like adults, have limited attention spans. Keep your tutorials to a minute or two, or as brief as possible. You can always break up your teachings or presentations into more videos if needed.
  2. Invest in a stylus. If you find that you're creating videos regularly and writing with your finger, you may want to purchase a stylus. You can buy one for just few dollars and it will greatly improve your handwriting on your videos.
  3. Record in a quiet place. Remember to turn off your cellphone, close your door, and shut down your computer speakers.  You'll want to eliminate as many distractions as possible before you go into recording mode.
  4. Have fun! Let your enthusiasm out while you record your tutorials. Even though your students may not see your face, your attitude will flow through into the finished product. It's your choice if it comes through as positive or negative.

Check out this virtual whiteboard tool and let me know what you think! Leave a comment for me on this article.

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