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Ideas for Columbus Day Activities

Columbus Day is an important holiday that several countries celebrate. In the United States, people celebrate the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Bahamas on the second Monday in October. Here are some fun Columbus Day activities you can do with your students to celebrate and educate.
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1. Paper Boat Races

Help your students create their very own Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria. Then have a small boat race. You can award prizes for the fastest, the one that stays afloat the longest, or even the best decorated. Here are some instructions on how to create these paper boats.
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2. Christopher Columbus Printables

Coloring pages, cross word puzzles, and other printables are fun ways to get your students to learn about Columbus Day. Here are some Columbus Day printables from ABCTeach that can help teach students quick facts about this holiday.
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3. Play True or False Game

There are several misconceptions about Columbus Day. Test your students’ knowledge with a true/false game. You can separate your students into groups and have each group hold up a true or false sign for every Columbus Day fact. Here are some common myths about this holiday.
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4. Creative Writing Assignment

Have your students create a “captain’s log,” imagining what Columbus and his crew may have been thinking along their journey. Inform them about the trials they encountered and encourage them to think about how they would handle these situations.
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5. Create a Spy Glass

Help your students make a Columbus-style spy glass. You can bring in extra decorations so that they can make it their own. Here are some instructions on how to create a cardboard spy glass.

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What Columbus Day activities do you do with your students? Share your ideas with us in the Comments below.


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