Funny Student Responses from Teachers

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Funny Student Responses from Teachers Around the World

funny teacher quotesTeachers prepare tests and quizzes and then during the grading process wade through countless answers, many of which are repetitive. But sometimes a student’s response will unintentionally tickle your funny bone.


We recently saw these examples of funny student responses to test questions in Readers Digest which tickled ours.

Check out these responses sent in by teachers from different places around the globe:

Q: What is the opposite of main?

A: New Hampshire

Amy Butters
Lynnfield, Massachusetts

Q: Who was Joan of Arc?

A: She was Noah’s wife.

Jennifer PFohl
Downington, Pennsylvania

Q: Use etiquettein a sentence.

A: I don’t know the meaning of etiquette.

Preetha Rengaswamy
Chennai, India

Q: What percentage of the European population died following the outbreak of the plague?

A: One hundred percent, eventually.

Kim McCollum
Jackson, Michigan


What funny student responses have you seen while grading papers? Share them in the comments below.

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