My 6-Word Story About Why Education is Important to Me — What's Yours?

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What’s the 6-word story that sums up why education is important to you?

Ever since Ernest Hemingway wrote what is considered to be the greatest 6-word story ever written, 6-word stories have become a great way to share thoughts, ideas, and philosophies in just six words.

Here’s Hemingway’s masterpiece:

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

Whether it’s the greatest 6-word story ever written can be debated, but it would certainly qualify as one of the saddest, don’t you think?



So, now, my challenge to you fellow educator:

Write your own 6-word story that sums up why education is important to you— how it has shaped or defined your life.

Here’s mine:

Life without school is life unlived.

Bonus:  For another take on the 6-word story, and maybe a way to get you noodling a little bit,  check this out over at MindTrekker.

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