The Ultimate Teacher Desk

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The search for the ultimate teacher desk is over.

I went on a search for the ultimate teacher desk and found it on social media. I watch social media closely and it's my job to share some of the hot topics on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other outlets that teachers, principals, students, and parents are contributing.

The first step to finding the ultimate teacher desk is asking what that would be. First, the desk would need to be functional, but comfort is also a high priority, of course. Just about every supply company promises that their chairs and desks are comfortable and functional. The only way anyone could round this list down was by visiting these companies and actually sitting in their chairs. Even that, though, is still a tad subjective. Ultimately, the project was abandoned.

But it wasn't dead. While perusing the #edtech tag the other day, I finally found it… the undisputed ultimate teacher desk, thanks to the Trusted Supplies' account. There's only one simple function about the desk that makes it the ultimate teacher desk, and that's because you can work why lying down. That's right, this desk is designed so you can work and rest at the same time. It's even set up so you can still see your computer screen and it has a side table to put things you wouldn't want to spill. Just imagine working at that desk, lying down and seeing your blue bunny slippers poking out from the other end. The desk is pictured below.

ultimate teacher desk

There is a bit of bad news in all of this, though. The tweet didn't include a link, so I Googled “desk you can lie down” out of curiosity. Good news: there are desks like this that are real. Bad news, they cost about $6,000. So, it's perfect for the teacher with too much money on their hands (maybe there's one out there, just maybe?).

What do you think the ultimate teacher desk should include? Do you think this is the ultimate teacher desk, or is it missing something? Do you think these desks will stick around and become less expensive?

Tori Pakizer is the Social Media Editor at She writes regularly about the use of educational technology in K-12 classrooms, and specializes in how teachers use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media. You can follow Tori and SimpleK12 on Twitter @SimpleK12. If you have ideas for using social media in schools, please send your information or tip to

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