Kick-off your new year with goal planning and reflection!

Goal planning gives us a focus. It motivates us to work towards both short-term and long-term achievements. Establishing a plan allows us to prioritize our attention, resources, and time to increase our chances of successfully achieving our goals. Essentially, goal planning gives us the hope we need to succeed.

We know your time is limited, so we've put together a resource bundle of Goal Planning & Reflection templates to use yourself or with your students.

  • Kick-off your own goal setting action plans and reflect on goals achieved and opportunities for change

  • Use as a quick planning activity with your students

In this free download resource designed for both teachers and students, you'll receive the following templates:

  • Goals Planning

  • SMART Goals

  • Tracking my SMART goals

  • Goals Action Plan #1

  • Goals Action Plan #2

  • Monthly Goals Action Plan

  • Goals for 20_ _

  • Reflection, not failure

  • 3-2-1 Reflection

  • Lined Notes

Let us help you kick-off your goal planning with ease.

Goal Setting and Reflection Template

Grab your free bundle of templates!