Top 5 Teacher ACPS in Texas!

Alternative Certification Programs (ACPs) are a great alternative to a university route after deciding to change careers and follow your dreams. The Texas Education Agency has strict guidelines in place to make sure that ACPs are following the proper protocols to certify teachers. Make no mistake: not all ACPs are the same! Simplek12 wants to help you become the rockstar teacher you were meant to be, so we’ve created a list of the Top 5 ACPs in Texas. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Texas Teachers (Recommend)

Texas Teachers of Tomorrow is the largest ACP in Texas and is 100% online and self-paced. They started in 2005 and since then, they’ve helped more than 70,000 teachers get into the classroom. They offer five different enrollment paths and even offer a 14-week Fast Track to certification option. They offer many services to their enrolled candidates, such as a Resume Review service, job fairs, and different webinars to help you get ready to get hired. Additionally, they work closely with districts to make sure their enrolled and qualified candidates are at the top of the hiring pile. They are fully accredited by AAQEP and have a 74% retention rate, a 95% candidate enrollment rate, and 93% of candidates are hired in less than one year. The enrollment cost is $295, and the program price is $4,350 (only due once hired on a full-time teacher salary), making it one of the more affordable options. Texas Teachers is a great program, and we believe it’s a high-ranking ACP choice. Bonus: Teachers of Tomorrow candidates receive a discount on all teacher preparation exams from The Learning Liaisons and Teachers of Today!


Founded in 2001, ECAP is a family-owned ACP with a well-known reputation in Texas. They have an online program with an in-person option that’s recognized among districts in Texas, which gives candidates more freedom in the certification path they take. They also have options for people who don’t hold a university degree, such as people working in the automotive industry, cosmetology, or culinary arts. This helps potential teachers of all kinds get on track to getting their dream teaching jobs. They also offer resources like downloadable guides, resume templates, and job fair promotions for districts. They have a $250 enrollment fee and a $4,250 program fee, which brings the total cost to $4,500. This is also a smaller program so you might have a limited network when it comes time to get hired. Overall, this program is well-rounded and offers candidates great tools they need to get certified!


TeachWorthy is trusted to provide passionate, high-caliber teachers. TeachWorthy is focused only in Texas and has recently rebranded itself to focus on demonstrating subject matter knowledge. As a smaller ACP in Texas, there’s strong customer service but not as many resources or district connections as the others! This program offers one payment option. The enrollment fee is $195 with a total program cost of $4,155. This might not be ideal for you you need help finding a job but they have great customer service. TeachWorthy is a good choice if you need a lot of support.

Urban Teachers

Urban Teachers was founded in 2009 in Washington DC and Baltimore, Maryland, and they expanded to Dallas, Texas in 2016. They started out to serve the highest-need districts in the nation and since then, they have certified over 1,900 teachers across the three states. The overall program is rigorous. The candidates receive a master’s degree from the John Hopkins School of Education while also becoming certified to teach at the same time. The program takes about three years and the candidates are provided continuous support throughout the program. This is great if you’re wanting to get a graduate degree while also being in the classroom. However, there are some downsides. One of these downsides is that this program is extremely selective. Urban Teachers accept only about 30% of their applicants because they want to make sure they produce the most qualified teachers. The other downside is that while they do offer some financial aid options, this is the most expensive program on our list with their tuition coming in at $45,000 with $495 in exam fees for certification. This can be a lot of time and money spent when you could be in the classroom faster and with more money in your pockets while doing another program. Overall, this program has a lot of benefits and if the idea of a master’s degree and a teaching certification excites you, then it’s a great match! But if you’re not looking to pay university tuition, this is not the program for you.

There you have it! The Top 4 best ACPs in Texas. Regardless of which ACP you choose, The Learning Liaisons has you covered for all your test prep needs. You can take a look at the test prep we offer for the TExES exam here. And remember: It’s when you pass, not if you pass!

Honorable Mention

ITEACHTEXAS is the partly online ACP in Texas. Founded in 2003, iteach has expanded to a few other states in the United States. It’s a self-paced, online program, and they some resources such as a resume builder and program catalogs per state. They communicate mostly view email which is not always ideal. The company was just recently purchased which may change the customer service. This program offers two different payment options. If you choose to pay monthly, the enrollment fee is $99 with a monthly fee of $99, which adds up to a total of $4,000. This is not highly recommended as you have to pay upfront. If you choose to opt out of monthly payments, the enrollment fee is $250 with a total program cost of $4,500.