Are SimpleK12 Webinars CTLE Approved in the State of New York?

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Are SimpleK12 webinars CTLE approved in the state of New York?

Are SimpleK12 Webinars CTLE Approved in the State of New York?Yes. With a Premium Full Access Membership, you will receive certificates for both live and archived SimpleK12 Webinars. Those credits are approved in the state of New York. Look for SimpleK12 under CTLE# 23510. It might also be listed under the parent company name of InfoSource, Inc.

When you fill out your membership profile enter the last four digits of your social security number and your date of birth. You will need this information filled out in order to receive credit. This information is confidential, and SimpleK12 members from other states do not need to provide it.

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Please Note: Basic Member access is limited. Full Memberships include more features, such as on-demand webinar recordings and printable certificates. Watch your email for discount offers and choose one that’s right for you. You can find out more about membership types here.

You can also participate in free, open-to-the-public Getting the Most from SimpleK12 orientation webinars.

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