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That's what these Community FAQ articles are about – we're reprinting sections of SimpleK12's help desk as reference to further support members, or inform others of useful Community tips.

Can I print certificates of completion for webinars that I attend or view?

Yes! Your certificiates of completion are available via your SimpleK12 Profile. Sign in to the Community in the upper right. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner to access your profile. You'll see a Transcript button, which is where you can view and print all your certificates.

You can print certificates for webinars that you viewed live, and as recordings.  Recorded, or on-demand webinar certificates are available right away. It takes about 48 hours for certificates from live webinars to appear on your transcript. Once you’ve completed a webinar and the transcripts have been updated, you will see a small icon to the left of the webinar title; click on the icon to print your certificate.

Please note that certificates are only available to members who have a Full Access Membership or VIP Access.  If you have a free Basic Membership, certificates will not be available.

Log in at

    1.  Click Display Name
    2.  Click View Profile
    3.  Click Transcript
    4.  Click Ribbon Icon
    5.  Click Save or Print

Can I Print Certificates of Completion for Webinars I Attend or View?

Can I Print Certificates of Completion for Webinars I Attend or View?

Can I Print Certificates of Completion for Webinars I Attend or View?


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Please Note: Basic Member access is limited. Full Memberships include more features, such as on-demand webinar recordings and printable certificates. Watch your email for discount offers and choose one that’s right for you. You can find out more about membership types here.

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