10 Writing Tools That Will Save Your Red Pens

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10 Writing Tools that Will Engage Students and Save Ink in Your Red Pen

writing toolsNew writing tools are important. Owing to the advancement in technology, many people are shifting from the traditional means of doing things, including writing. Students are no exceptions, and they too are using technological tools in their day-to-day activities. Informational technology has become a huge part of us, so much so that we it's often difficult to imagine life without it.

With all these innovations in the educational process, students are losing motivation to learn from printed literature and textbooks. They would rather use platforms that have visual content, presentations such as PowerPoint, educational games, and other strategies that will bring life into the whole learning process.

I would like to share with you 10 online writing tools you can use with your students.

These writing tools include:

ACCA student blog
This user-friendly website takes care of those students who tend to lose motivation to work on their school work. There are a couple of motivational resources you will find on the website that will be of particular significance to the students. It provides students with help finding the appropriate learning methods and also helps them achieve their academic goals by assisting them deal with various obstacles such as exam failure. This ultimately helps students achieve their full potential.

Fun Brain
Sometimes students need a break from conventional learning methods. This particular website reaches out to students through properly-chosen educational games. The games are a convenient way of delivering educational content. The reading section is equipped with books that bring literature closer to the understanding of the learners. A good example is the enjoyable math games that make the hardest of questionable doable and easy to understand.

Study Blue
This particular website mainly uses review sheets, quizzes, and flashcards as means to deliver content. These tools are not new, yet they are still effective to date. The platform, which does not impose any charges, offers the largest online library of study materials generated by users. One can access any information they want owing to the wide variety of resources and a lot of time will be saved since it is easy to access the information.

Most students agree with me that essays can be some of the hardest tasks to write. They are very involved, and require a large amount of research. This website provides students with all the necessary knowledge they need and professional assistance in all forms of writing. The students will be able to work together with experienced PhD authors.

This is a cross-platform student planner which you access via your mobile devices. It literally replaces paper planners, which can be quite tedious and messy. The application assists students in a big way since it makes it easy to track school work, and there will not be a single instance of forgetting the school work again. This planner also enables the students to access the assignments and class work at a location of their choice.

Study Guides and Strategies
This particular website offers relevant and useful study guides to students. These study guides are for necessary reading and research tips, project management, problem solving strategies, and tips on how to work as a team in the learning environment. The website basically provides you with everything a student needs to ensure that their learning process is smooth. This includes useful active learning tips as an experimental, engaging, and mindful way to process information. The guides are clear and easy to interpret since they are designed for students of different ages.

Teen Ink
This tool is dedicated to helping students handle all forms of writing. It offers vast resources on poetry, fiction, art, non-fiction, and photography. It incites the creativity of students so that they can come up with quality pieces. The professional team offers all forms of help, advice, and inspiration so that students have an easy time writing the pieces.

My Kid’s Way
Most young people are not catered for when it comes to resources on how to write their essays. This particular tool caters to children by providing them with quality sample essays for reference. These examples include sample essays such as expository, narrative, persuasive, and descriptive. The tool offers competitive essay contests that take place on a weekly basis. These contests can help improve the writing skills and motivation of the students.

Novel Guide
Reading and interpreting a novel can take quite a long time. This tool offers necessary materials on most literature you need. Apart from indicating the plot summary, they also hold interactive discussions and questions for each piece of literature. Using these resources increases the student’s understanding, and they will be able to appreciate the actual novels more.

Study Stack
This tool uses flashcards that have been around for quite awhile. Several modifications have been done so that students can access free flashcards on this website covering several areas of study. These flashcards are efficient to use and save a lot of time. They are especially helpful to those students with less motivation. Students can also customize flashcards so that the condensed reading material becomes easy to memorize and grasp.

What online writing tools do you use? Please let us know in the comments below.

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