A Must-Have for Every STEM Classroom

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A Must-Have for Every STEM Classroom

Are you looking for a free tool to enhance your STEM lessons? Take a look at Wolfram Alpha.

Available on the web and mobile devices, Wolfram Alpha is a new type of search that gives dynamic answers to your questions. While there are applications for art and music, many of the uses center on the math and sciences, making this unique search engine perfect for any STEM classroom.

The best way to see exactly how Wolfram Alpha works is to see it for yourself. Trust me, after you take a look yourself you WILL be impressed! Here are just a few of my favorite ways to use Wolfram Alpha, with clickable examples to show exactly how it works:

  1. Show detailed steps to math problems. Example: solve 3x+4= 5x +7
  2. Display visual aids using graphing. Example: derivative of cosx * sinx
  3. Research specific science concepts and terms. Example: H20
  4. Gather scientific information on general topics. Example: animals

Take a look at this page for more ideas and examples of how you can use this unique tool in your STEM classroom. And if you're fortunate enough to have mobile devices in your class, Wolfram Alpha also offers a variety of mobile apps so you can use it on your devices too.

For another look at why we like Wolfram Alpha, take a look at this video from the SimpleK12:

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What is your favorite way to use Wolfram Alpha? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about this handy tool.

Kimber Thompson is a Lead Moderator for SimpleK12 webinars and a Contributing Editor for SimpleK12.com. She writes frequently about education topics, and is passionate about tools and techniques that inspire young learners. You may reach her with ideas and comments at editor@simplek12.com.

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