Best Digital Storytelling Tools to Spark Imagination

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Build Creativity with These Digital Storytelling Tools.

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Digital Storytelling is a way to get every student interested in reading and writing. It uses new forms of narration that are web-based and interactive. These forms tap into your struggling or disinterested students by involving them in the story. Since these tools approach writing in a different way, struggling students feel more open and excited about the prospect of storytelling. The following is a list of some of the free digital storytelling tools that are available to encourage reading and writing in your classroom:

1. Storyboard That.
Storyboard That
Storyboard That is a site that offers tons of animated backgrounds, characters, and objects for the purpose of creating a storyboard for any plot. Students can edit every image to fit their imagination. Click here to check out Storyboard That.

2. Blabberize.
Blabberize is a free resource for creating talking avatars. Students can upload pictures of themselves or a character, select the mouth, and add sound to make the pictures narrate a story.

3. Comics Head Lite.
Comics Head Lite
Comics Head Lite is a comic strip creator. Students can create their own stories using comic strip, illustrated story, or graphic novel formats.

4. StoryJumper.
StoryJumper is a website that allows students to write and publish their own books. It goes through a series of questions to help them develop their stories, which are easily shared with an embed link.

5. Storybird.
Storybird is a site that collects beautiful artwork. This artwork can be used as an inspiring writing prompt or for storybook illustration.

What are some digital storytelling tools you use in your classroom? How do you use this concept in your classroom?

Let us know in the comments below!

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