Resourced Challenged: The Classroom’s Bare Supply Closet — Part 6 — Hope: Look for the Golden Path.

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There’s an undeniable need for students to have the proper school supplies for class. We’ve established that there’s a lack in student preparedness as well as a lack of proper funding and teacher support. There’s an overwhelming amount of personal money being spent to try and aid the dire need for classroom supplies.

School fundraisers can certainly help alleviate some of this stress, but many parents are not a fan of the traditional door-to-door salesman route. Safety becomes a concern, and participation levels tend to dwindle. How do we get more parents involved in the process?

Fundraisers should directly give profit back to the schools and parents should not be coerced into buying items that they do not need. Students especially should not be bribed into becoming door-to-door salespeople.

Apperson has created a solution to both the school supply funding depletion and the lack of fundraiser enthusiasm.  Apperson is launching a new program, Class Packs by Apperson, that is a practical and easy-to-use fundraiser while ensuring parents are getting the school supplies that they desire.

Parents have the freedom to customize their supply lists so that they are not forced into buying items in bulk that they do not need. This pick-and-choose method is what makes this program so unique.

Participating schools will get a 5% rebate in addition to getting school supplies shipped right to their address. This is a great program created by a teacher, for parents.

Want to learn how to get involved? Check out the website here!

Fundraising doesn’t have to be daunting. To view other great fundraising ideas, check out our previous post in the series.

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Apperson is an industry leader in educational technology, helping to streamline teacher workflow and improve learning outcomes for over 20 years. We are bringing our expertise to a new program: Class Packs by Apperson. By combining school supplies with a fundraiser in an easy online shopping platform, we are making life easier for parents, teachers, and schools across the country.







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