The Teacher’s Health Journey: Episode 3

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Improving Your Health for Summer

Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means… Yup, it’ll be time to bust out the shorts and bathing suits before you know it. The best way to make sure you feel good then is to prepare now. Here are some quick and easy tips that will put you on the path towards a great summer body and overall health.


Nutrition Tip:
Keep dinner light and early. Most people have heavy dinners, but the later in the day we eat heavy foods the less time we have to digest and metabolize them. For a light dinner, try combining a lean meat, such as chicken or fish, with some veggies for the side. Try to eat around 6 o’clock or before so that you have time to metabolize your meal before bed. Also, make sure you eat until you feel satisfied, rather than full. Sometimes when we eat until we feel full, we're actually overeating. Eating light until you're satisfied will also help you feel better in the morning. Find some ideas for healthy, easy-to-make dinner recipes here.

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Fitness Tip:
Make a workout playlist. One of the hardest parts about working out is that it can be boring, especially if you’re doing the same routine. Listening to some of your favorite tunes can make your workout more fun and help distract you with something enjoyable while also improving your health. Try to pick songs that have more beats per minute because you will naturally want to keep up with it, and will therefore move faster and get a better workout.

Be sure to check back each week for another installment of the Teacher’s Health Journey!

Do you have any nutrition or fitness tips to share? Or maybe a great, healthy recipe? Let us know in the comments below.

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