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The Differentiation Toolbox: Helping ALL Students Work Towards Mastery of the Content Standards

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Duration: 30 minutes

Individual learning styles are as unique as fingerprints, and chances are the students in your classroom do not grasp the content being taught the same way or share the same level of ability. Join Melissa Mann as she shares strategies to meet the needs of diverse learners and help ALL students work towards mastery of the content standards. You will also learn how to design lessons that will guide each of your students toward the same learning objectives while meeting their individual interests, needs, and strengths.

Melissa Mann is a special education teacher with the Madison County School System. She has taught both self-contained and collaborative students in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade. Melissa is dually certified in Elementary Education and Special Education. She also has a Master's in School Counseling and is a certified school counselor. Melissa has presented for the past three years at Alabama's state technology conference and at various local conferences.

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