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Are you looking for strategies to build relationships that support student success in and out of the classroom? Meaningful connections between teachers, families, and students enhance student engagement, motivation, and overall academic achievement. Join Chrissy Romano-Arrabito for this timesaving, to the point session she shares insights on how to establish open lines of communication, cultivate trust, and create a welcoming and inclusive environment where families feel valued and engaged in their child's education. Get ready to create a supportive learning environment where every student can thrive! Chrissy's expertise in effective classroom management practices will equip you with the tools and resources you need to foster collaborative partnerships that promote a sense of belonging for all members of your school community. 

Key Takeaways: 

  1. Learn communication strategies that foster open dialogue and trust between teachers, families, and students, ensuring everyone is informed and involved. 
  2. Explore methods for collaborative decision-making that involve all stakeholders in setting goals and addressing challenges together. 
  3. Gain insights into cultural competence and its role in building respectful and inclusive relationships with diverse families and students. 
  4. Discover student-centered practices that promote autonomy and self-advocacy, strengthening relationships and boosting student confidence. 


Participants will have collaboration and sharing opportunities throughout the training to demonstrate their understanding of the session objectives and reflect on their learning.  

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