TEA approved professional development for Texas educators

We've been a partner with Texas school districts to provide professional learning to help educators maintain their teaching licenses, learn new skills and instructional strategies, and advance their careers.

Let us help you support your teachers, substitutes, paraprofessionals, and building staff.

Meeting the Requirements for Texas

Not only are we a listed, approved CPE provider on the TEA website, we continuously are adding to our extensive library of offerings to make sure we stay refreshed and relevant for teachers at different points of their career and classroom needs.

CPE Certificates of Completion

After completion of one of our training sessions or workshops, teachers receive a Certificate of Completion with CPE clocked hours.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is required for all Texas teachers to maintain their standard teaching certificate. During the five-year renewal period, classroom teachers are required to clock and complete 150 CPE hours. All educators must maintain a written documentation of all CPE hours and training.

District solutions designed to meet district needs

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  • Certificate of Completion & transcript reports

  • 800+ on-demand videos

  • Unlimited access to live trainings

  • Downloadable resources and templates for teachers

  • Gamified learning community that offers points, badges, and rewards for participation.

  • Group tracking and usage monitoring reports

  • Assignments and custom training modules

  • Ability to upload proprietary content

  • Advanced admin features

  • Dedicated support team and phone support

In addition to any time, any place access to on-demand training, Texas teachers can participate in live sessions and hands-on workshops we host throughout the month.

Learning by Doing Teacher Professional Development

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Learning by Doing Teacher Professional Development

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Let us help you support your teachers, substitutes, paraprofessionals, and building staff.