Professional Development Workshops for Educators

Collaborative opportunities to learn new skills and strategies that can be applied right away.

  • 60-minute virtual training 

  • Designed to provide the most amount of learner engagement

  • Certificate of Completion per workshop

Virtual, hands-on workshops allow educators to learn new skills for personal and professional career advancement while working in a collaborative environment with peers across the nation!

Virtual Workshop for Teachers Workflow

Learn from experts

Our trainers are classroom educators, educational thought leaders, and educational consultants. Trainers lead workshops on topics they are experts in, passing on their knowledge to other educators to help them grow in their profession and become better educators, which ultimately leads to increased student achievement.

Collaboration and networking

Personal and professional growth is best done by building new relationships and connections. Virtual workshops provide an environment that fosters collaboration with other like-minded peers striving to grow themselves. Who knows, maybe attendees will make new national and international friendships!

Assessment and evaluation

In addition to formative discussions on the activity stream, workshops end with an action item or takeaway task. Teachers can take what they've learned and apply their newfound knowledge in their classrooms the next day. We encourage teachers to share a picture on Instagram using the hashtag #SK12Training of them applying their new knowledge to share with other teachers worldwide.

Virtual engagement

Virtual workshops are designed based on the constructivism learning theory because teachers as learners construct knowledge rather than passively take in information. Teachers as learners bring their own unique experiences to each training and the ‘social’ nature of the classroom allows for collaboration and feedback. Learners participate in interactive discussions in Google Classrooms, hands-on activities, and takeaway(s) provided by trainers.

Novel ways of thinking

Our community of educators who attend workshops is filled with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge. When we all come together, new ideas and perspectives are shared. We share – and grow together.

Fun, motivational, and inspirational

Workshops are highly informative, high-quality training that allows for interaction with other educators. We motivate each other and inspire one another to be our best educator selves.

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Learning by Doing Teacher Professional Development

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Anyone! If you find a workshop that appeals to you, you are welcome to join us.

Live workshops are 60-minutes in duration. Attendees will have access to the ‘workroom' following the workshop so they can continue collaborating with peers. Additionally, the trainer is available for 24 hours following the workshop to help coach.

We host at least one virtual workshop per week throughout the year, with the exception of holiday weeks. Times for workshops vary due to many of our trainers being educators and school consultants themselves. This means that typically workshops are held after school hours ET.

We are excited to say that workshops are now included with Premium (UpTeach®) member subscriptions and district memberships.

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  1. Internet access.
  2. Access to GoToWebinar. Whether you use the download app or an internet browser, trainers present direct instruction and communicate throughout the training via GoToWebinar.
  3. Access to Google Classrooms. Please make sure you are in a setting where you will have access to Google Classrooms. NOTE: Some school firewalls will not allow you to access Google Classrooms from your classroom. In these cases, you may need to be in your home to participate. Additionally, if your school email address is already associated with Google Classrooms, you will need to use a different personal email address to join so that you are not locked out of the training. Again, due to school privacy restrictions on some school email addresses.

Yes! If you have access to dual monitors, this is ideal. With this type of setup, you will be able to keep GoToWebinar open on one screen, and Google Classrooms open on another.

If you do not have access to a dual monitor setup, no worries! You will just need to make sure you can ‘toggle/switch' between the two.

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